Bill & Doris Brown

Bill & Doris Brown

Everyone follows their own path to retirement living. Some people decide quickly, put down their deposit, and in no time are in their new home. Some deliberate for many years. While others spend a few years considering their options before making their choice.

Then there’s Bill and Doris Brown.

During their first visit to The Overlook in 2004, they knew right away they wanted to call it home…eventually. They had decided not to move until Bill turned 80. So six years after their initial visit they finally put down their deposit. Then three years after that, they moved into their cottage. Bill was 78.

As it turns out, the cottage they coveted from the start was available before Bill turned 80 and they feared losing it. But despite moving in two years earlier than planned, they’ve never looked back.

Bill now serves on the Resident Council and spends a lot of time on The Overlook’s tennis courts. Doris is involved with the Book Club, Movie Committee, Walking Club and as a volunteer in The Overlook’s on-site convenience store.

But the thing they like best about The Overlook is the people. “The people are wonderful here. They have wonderful histories. It’s a very supportive and loving situation,” Doris says, with Bill adding, “Almost every night we’re having dinner with a different couple.”

The Browns are quite active (still playing golf at least once a week), and they take advantage of the many fitness options at The Overlook. They go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, plus stretch and balance classes in between. Bill also maintains a flower and vegetable garden in The Overlook’s community garden.

They’re especially happy they chose a cottage, which features a finished basement large enough to host their large brood of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (25 at last count) with space left over for storage and fitness equipment.

Like so many CCRC residents, Bill and Doris, love “everything being in one spot. So as things change—if we need rehab or nursing care—there’s not a lot of moving around.”