Bob & Barbara Howard

Bob & Barbara Howard

In May of 2014, Bob and Barbara Howard’s life changed dramatically. They just didn’t know it at the time.

They had just attended The Overlook’s Dine & Discover Event on Cape Cod and were invited to visit the community—a visit that wouldn’t happen for seven months. But once they saw everything that The Overlook had to offer, things happened quickly. In less than three months they had put down a deposit, and shortly after, moved from The Cape—where they were deeply woven into the social and political fabric—into a community that, as Bob says, “fits us to a T.”

Bob and Barbara had known for a while that they would seek a senior living community. After caring for his older parents, Bob felt strongly that their three children should be spared the burden of caring for their parents.

With a long-time association with the Masons, Bob and Barbara were attracted to The Overlook’s Masonic heritage. But there’s so much more they’ve come to love about it. They’re delighted by the active pace of life at The Overlook, they find their neighbors extremely friendly, they love the feeling of security and describe the administration as “kind and understanding.”

While they’ve only lived at The Overlook for a short time, they’re already active in a wide range of programs offered within the community.

Like so many residents of the community, Bob and Barbara bring a life of accomplishment and colorful stories. Barbara is a former second grade teacher who was a Regent in the D.A.R., served as president of the Woman’s Club in Yarmouth and chaired the Beautification Committee in Simsbury, CT. Bob sold insurance throughout New England, served on the Board of Appeals in South Yarmouth and the Barnstable Municipal Airport Commission.

Just as their path to The Overlook wasn’t typical, neither was their courtship. Barbara met Bob when he was trying to sell insurance to another Barbara (who was also a teacher) but met his future bride-to-be instead.

As Bob and Barbara keep proving, life has a funny way of working out perfectly.