Dick & Gail Ziegler

Dick & Gail Ziegler

Dick and Gail Ziegler want to be as independent as possible as they get older. They also wanted to stay close to their loved ones who live in
the area.

Their perfect solution wasn’t far away: Independent Living at The Overlook.

After investigating various options for senior living, only The Overlook had everything they were seeking, and it kept them close to the things they cherish—family, friends, doctors and other professionals, and the life they’d built in Central Massachusetts over the past 25 years.

Dick and Gail first looked at The Overlook back in 2007, before they had reached retirement age. The three years Gail had spent caring for her mother during the end of her life had convinced Gail that she wanted a different option for her children.

As they got closer to retirement, the Zieglers faced their “What’s Next” moment. At first they weighed two options: renovate their older home or move into a condominium. Then they realized there was a much more attractive third option—the simple transition into a cottage at The Overlook.

Dick says, “The cottage meets our need for the privacy of a single-family home yet gives us easy access to the amenities on The Overlook campus.” With so many services available, such as housekeeping and trash pick-up, maintenance outside and inside, including appliances, yes even snow removal, they enjoy a “maintenance-free” lifestyle even better than a condo.

They also have the confidence that comes with having Life Care and knowing quality healthcare is close at hand should they need it, plus having staff that’s skilled at easing the transition from Independent Living through the onsite healthcare continuum.

As Dick says, “The Overlook offers the lifestyle you want with the peace of mind you deserve.”

So how much do the Zieglers love life at The Overlook? Well, Dick is putting his MBA and years of hospital management to good use as president of The Overlook Resident Council. And Gail is involved with the Movie Committee, Walking Club and Swimming Pool. Even their goldendoodle, Maisy, is happy. After all, she has 450 acres to romp around in while Dick and Gail hike, bike, kayak, play tennis and cross-country ski.