Linda Thurston

Linda Thurston

Linda Thurston recently moved 1,300 miles from the place she lived and worked for the past 25 years. But she couldn’t feel more at home. Welcome to life at The Overlook.

After visiting one of her sons and grandchildren in Charlton during Thanksgiving last year, “Grandma Linda” knew she wanted to move to Central Massachusetts. Then after viewing three senior living communities in the area, she knew she wanted to move into The Overlook.

The two biggest factors in her decision were the friendliness of The Overlook community and the amount of living space she’d being enjoying—both inside her home and outside. She also liked how active the community is and the quality of the fitness center. “Moving here is the smartest thing I’ve ever done,” she says.

Of course, making such a big move, especially by herself, wasn’t without its challenges. She had a lifetime of furniture to keep or discard. And after much deliberation, she decided to auction off her furniture and start fresh in her new home. Using her floor plan as a guide, she chose only the most essential and emotionally meaningful items to bring with her.

Linda was also a little anxious about moving to a place where she knew no one. Those worries quickly faded away. “It felt like I was moving in with family,” she says. Linda also has enjoyed being a part of her grandchildren’s lives—going to the Memorial Day Parade in Charlton to hear her granddaughter recite a poem and attending soccer games on the weekends.

The California native says she has felt so warmly received at The Overlook that she did something she never imagined she would do. “I attended the Resident Council and brought a topic to their attention, which is something I definitely would not have done in the past.”

Now that she’s settled in, she enjoys going to the movies, attending her quilting class and she’s eager for her new pool class to start.