Comparing The Overlook to Boston Retirement Communities

Boston has so much to offer – from outdoor festivals and historical tours to shopping centers and restaurants, there’s always something going on in this buzzing city. This urban lifestyle is perfect for those who enjoy the consistent hum and pace of Boston. However, big city living isn’t for everyone, especially as you age. Sure, you loved the hustle and bustle in years past but as you grow older, lifestyle preferences change: maybe you’re looking for a calmer, quiet atmosphere as you search for a retirement home, and it could prove fairly difficult to find that in an independent living community in Boston.

When you begin preparing for your next steps in life, it’s important to consider the type of senior lifestyle you would like to maintain and what sorts of amenities are most important to you. As you research potential independent living and assisted living communities in Boston, you may discover a number of those within the area don’t quite offer the atmosphere or lifestyle that you’re looking for. So, why not expand your search and take a look at retirement communities near Boston?

Here are seven benefits of choosing a continuing care community outside of Boston:

Peace and quiet

cabot_yard_and_boston_skylineThere are over 4.5 million people in the Greater Boston Area and an additional 350,000 college students arriving each fall. The diversity is wonderful, but the noise levels are not. As you can imagine, with the sound of trains, buses and pedestrians, the city stays fairly noisy. It’s difficult to find a retirement community within the city that offers the levels of quiet you are looking for.

Senior living communities outside of Boston in more rural areas do not experience the same noise levels. The Overlook is located in Charlton, MA, an area known for its tranquility. When you choose to live in a Boston retirement community, you may encounter quite a bit of noise in a city that seems like it never sleeps. However, if you decide to reside within a quaint retirement home near Boston instead, you’ll never have to worry about the constant buzz of traffic and chatter, especially in our comfortable town within an hour away from major cities like Boston, Hartford and Providence. When living in a smaller town, you have a much better chance of sleeping more soundly and feeling more relaxed without the overstimulating sounds or amount of light pollution that accompany a larger urban area. And of course, being more rested allows for a healthier lifestyle and the ability to start the day ready for exploring trails, swimming, games and so much more.


Slowing down

Aside from some much needed peace and quiet, one of the best attributes to retirement living is being able to enjoy a slower pace; after all, big city retirement homes, like Boston independent living communities, tend to feel like they’re always in motion. Studies show that winding down the pace of your lifestyle boosts energy levels and promotes heart health by lowering blood pressure. Life in smaller, less populated areas tends to move at a much slower pace, which can help decrease stress and worry while increasing relaxation and the feeling of contentment.


Safety and costs

Smaller retirement communities near Boston, as opposed to large cities, tend to be safer with lower crime rates. Charlton, MA, located within Worcester County, was named one of the 2015 Safest Towns in Massachusetts.

The cost of living (taxes, groceries, rent, etc.) is also higher in more populated areas. On average, a person entering an independent living community or assisted living community in Boston pays upwards of $3,000 a month for housing, plus more for additional care. Looking outside of the Boston area has the potential to save you thousands of dollars a year. The Overlook’s pricing plan is significantly below Worcester County’s median housing value, making it an affordable option for residents looking at retirement communities away from the hubbub of a busy city.


Away from the city but close enough for trips

You don’t have to live right inside of the city to enjoy its offerings or activities. Since The Overlook is only a relatively short distance –  about an hour away from Boston, Hartford and Providence; day or weekend trips are a breeze. So you still have the opportunity to visit fun historic museums, festivals and sporting events with friends and family whenever you’d like.


Newer living areas and amenities

bostonBoston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is widely considered to be the historic capital of the country. Due to this, buildings, living areas and amenities can appear to be old and outdated if they’re not kept up properly. Therefore, Boston retirement communities can be a little dated.

Quality is important at The Overlook, which is why we take care in maintaining the conditions of our buildings, grounds and amenities. This is also the reason behind why we provide updated amenities such as an indoor heated pool, state-of-the-art fitness center and a Performing Arts Center.


More space

There are over 12,000 people per square mile in the Greater Boston Area which can feel overcrowded to many. Communities in the surrounding towns outside of the city have a much smaller population density. In Charlton, MA, for example, there are closer to 307 people per square mile.

Due to the large amount of people in the area, apartments within the city can be much smaller than those elsewhere. Our cottages and apartments are spacious and convenient to meet your needs. The size of our apartments and other senior living options begin at 650 square feet. The housing options at The Overlook are so spacious that you’ll even have enough room to bring your furry friend to live with you in our pet-friendly retirement community.


Outdoor scenery and activities

It can be challenging to find continuing care retirement communities in Boston that offer any large outdoor spaces or picturesque scenery for residents to enjoy. Outside of Boston, however, it can be easier to find a community with an expanse of peaceful greenery for relaxation, exercise and more adventurous activities.

While living at The Overlook, you will have no difficulty enjoying the benefits of the great outdoors! Our destination retirement community, housed on 450 acres of New England countryside, is surrounded by lush trees and rolling hills. You can experience a breathtaking view of nature from virtually any place throughout our grounds. If you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll love exploring our beautiful gardens and walking paths, bird watching throughout the grounds and fishing in our designated spots. Also, for more active, adventurous or competitive outdoorsy spirits, we have a tennis court, horseshoe pit and cross-country ski trails.

When deciding whether or not you would like to reside within a senior living community outside of Boston, remember that a short drive enables you to still have access to the city’s attractions while enjoying the day-to-day benefits that accompany moving away from the crowds.


For more information about independent living, assisted living, senior healthcare programs at The Overlook or to schedule a tour of the community, please contact us today.