The contract options you can consider.

Regardless of which type or size dwelling you choose, there are options regarding contracts and their costs. Pricing will vary based on the floor plan you choose. There are two categories of contracts:

    • Fee for Service Contracts. A Fee for Service contract offers lower entrance and monthly fees, but if your care needs increase and you need to permanently move to a higher level of care, you will incur higher monthly costs. Some residents with long-term care insurance may prefer a fee for service contract depending on their policy’s coverage.
    • Life Care Contract. With Life Care, your initial entrance fee and monthly fees are higher because you are essentially pre-paying long term care costs in anticipation of future need.

The key advantage of a Life Care contract is that the monthly fee you pay in your independent living cottage or apartment stays relatively the same even if you need assisted living, memory care or skilled care later on. That’s why we say it’s a more predictable way to plan for your future.

Either way, the transition to other levels of care is made seamlessly and with your safety and well-being in mind.In addition, it is also helpful to know that you can count on one dependable and financially stable organization for the services you may need as you age.

There’s a lot to consider, but we’re here to help. We can help you decide on your living arrangements, and then present you with the options you can think over. Just call 866-753-5429 and we’ll be happy to discuss it all with you.