10 Benefits of Living in a Senior Retirement Community Outside the City of Providence

providence_ri_skyline_visit_overlook_retirementTravel just 44 miles outside the buzz of Providence, RI city life and you will arrive at a vibrant, active adult retirement community nestled in 450 acres of spectacular beauty. If you didn’t know better, you’d think Charlton rose out of the pages of your favorite paperback novel, but its rich history tells a different story. Welcome to The Overlook in Charlton, Massachusetts, where you are free to enjoy life as you always imagined it in a retirement community near Providence.

Here are 10 benefits of living outside the city of Providence:

  1. You will live at your own pace. Forget the long commutes and the dense population of busy college students and high-strung professionals. The Overlook empowers you to continue pursuing life in a creative community of like-minded peers without all the noise and distraction of city life. Enjoy a late-morning cup of coffee or an afternoon walk in the gorgeous landscape that winds around comfortable cottages and personalized apartments. Here, unlike at other retirement communities in Providence, your schedule is your own.
  2. You will have access to the full continuum of health care. Because you are only a short drive from Providence (and within an hour’s drive of other cities like Boston and Hartford), you will still be within a morning’s drive from the country’s best health care facilities should you need them. Additionally, here at The Overlook, we have one of the most respected long-term care facilities in New England, and we’ve proudly served the Worcester area for over a century. Like you, we understand and appreciate the promise of exceptional care, even while living in a quaint, comfortable retirement community near Providence. Imagine feeling like you are back in small town America while maintaining access to some of the country’s best healthcare professionals. Here you’ll enjoy quaint small time charm with the advantages of living in a big city.
  3. You will experience less traffic. One of the greatest gifts of retirement is additional free time. You don’t want to spend your extra minutes sitting in traffic, fighting crowds, or standing in line – and we don’t want you to, either. We want you to make every moment count with exciting activities or relaxing afternoons. Visit art classes or lectures, enjoy gourmet meals or picnics, or attend a professional play or concert in our 280-seat Performing Arts Center. The choice is yours.
  4. You will be an easy commute from your go-to shops, restaurants and spas. If you enjoy the alluring arts, the lively nightlife and the impressive restaurants found on Providence’s cobblestone streets, you’ll love our retirement community’s location. Living at The Overlook will still allow you to frequent your favorite destinations with whatever regularity you desire. Maximize your quality of life without sacrificing the amenities you enjoy in Charlton. In addition to easy access to your favorite Providence locations, you have the benefit of The Overlook’s year-round calendar of events and activities. Here, living outside the city allows you to have your cake and eat it, too.
  5. You will enjoy the peaceful surroundings of a tranquil environment. Providence is rich in diversity –and by “rich in diversity” we mean, specifically, 180,000 diverse people live there. And while you may appreciate the fun, colorful culture of a busy city life, we also know you value your peace and quiet. Living within a retirement community outside the city of Providence will enable you to feel like you are part of a close-knit neighborhood again–where you know and trust your neighbors, and where your fellow community members look out for you the way you look out for them. Forget frustrating commutes to get to the grocery store. Simply knock on your neighbor’s door for a cup of sugar or take a straight-from-the-oven pie to your new friends down the street. Come live where the brightest lights at night are the moon and stars. The Overlook will give you the sense you are living in Small Town America in all the right ways.
  6. You will feel like you are on a permanent vacation … with friends. With a long list of community-sponsored events and active resident clubs, you will never need to be bored at The Overlook (unless, of course, you want to be!) Enjoy a state-of-the-art fitness center or spend time with our personal trainer. Take a dip in the heated pool or prove your skill on the tennis court. We’ve even been known to pitch a few horseshoes on peaceful summer evenings – something that isn’t easily done in the heart of the city.
  7. You will feel safer in a community that knows and values you.  While parts of Providence are certainly safer than others, it is no secret that the city is not immune to the typical array of urban crime. Providence, specifically, has a long history of mob violence salacious enough to inspire crime novels and murder mysteries on television. Charlton, on the other hand (and specifically the community housing The Overlook) sits far below the national average in terms of crime statistics. More importantly, The Overlook community is tight-knitted enough that residents look out for each other as friends and family.
  8. You will be surrounded by friendly people. Whether you’ve always enjoyed an active social life or only now have the time to pursue one, The Overlook was designed with social engagement opportunities in mind. The independent living and assisted living community is filled with residents who are genuinely friendly and helpful, each pursuing retirement with goals and interests likely similar to yours. And since The Overlook is a senior-oriented retirement community in Charlton, MA specifically, you can officially kiss the pressures and frustrations of life in a big city good-bye. The Overlook draws people from around the country who value many of the same things you do. Look around. You may just find your best friend here.
  9. You will have room to stretch. Unlike Providence – with its characteristic overcrowding and dense living conditions – The Overlook is spacious: the size of our apartments begin at 650 square feet and increase from there. Bring your pets. Hang on to your favorite keepsakes. When it comes time to move, you won’t need to make as many difficult decisions about what to keep and what to toss. Here at The Overlook we have room for you as well as all of your favorite belongings, unlike many retirement communities in Providence.
  10. You will be well-situated to go wherever your heart takes you. Literally and figuratively, living at The Overlook positions you to pursue your travels or dreams, wherever life takes you. Located an hour from several major cities, you can easily get to an airport and go anywhere in the world. Day or weekend trips are a breeze. Need to visit the family? No problem. Yet, living at The Overlook also means you can pursue your dreams. Pick up a new hobby or find a new friend. Give your family the peace of mind that you are still able and interested in pursuing a vibrant, independent lifestyle in the safety of a community that will love you like they do.

Living within minutes of Providence, Rhode Island at The Overlook is–quite literally–enjoying the best of both worlds. We would love to show you around. We offer a no-pressure Open House every Wednesday. Next time you are in the area, be sure to visit us or schedule an appointment any time! Call us today to see how great your future can look from here.